Friday, December 19, 2008

Yoga and Christianity: a conflict

Are a Christian of practice myself, there a very little things in yoga which are in conflict with Christianity. Some critics allege that yoga and Christianity cannot coexist, but we know that yoga is not a religion.However, that depends on your opinion.

Recently, I was informed of somebody who claims Kundalini is new sorcery of age. Afflicted to say, another person recently indicated, the good Christians should still avoid the exercise of the devil, in the reference to Yoga.

Are the tests of witch of Salem so close to our hearts? These complaints are interesting because the ministers and the priests had practised the meditation during centuries, without any complaint.I suppose, if somebody devoted enough time to meditate on impure thoughts, meditation would be a bad experiment.

To be honest, it depends about the EC what you contemplate; and in the truth, in some schools of yoga, one teaches the hindouism, or Buddhism. For me, it was always a conflict, because I like yoga, but does not have any desire to change my faith.The many lesson of yoga and the meditation, is not-sectarian.

Now, if yoga were a religion, which it would be? The principles of yoga are universal.Yamas and Niyamas are similar, in theory, with the Ten commands, but because a Christian have you the right to select and choose what you want of yoga. You also have the right to avoid the sectarian ashrams.The practice as regards yoga, and the meditation, give many Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Moslems, a narrower connection with God, but there will be always somebody who feels tried to change their faith.Let us be honest, the people who worry about a sudden change of the faith for the majority are enracin饳 in two camps distinct from thought.1. Somebody who are on the barrier about their own religion and not completely sure where they really hold.2. Serious intolerance of any idea which is new or could have by opening the spirit.Let us stop intolerance now.

When you lead in your car, while waiting in the line, or head with head come with somebody who is different from you, please place an example for your children and give to the other person a cut.

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